Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sights of Summer

Aw, SUMMER!!!! I think I get happier each year to see you.  I have been doing lots of yard work. Our yard is big and we bought our house a year ago, after the weeds had already been pulled, the trees already pruned and the rose bushes already cut back.  This year I get to do all that myself and I rather like it. Someday if I cease to like it, maybe I'll put one of the many business cards for yard work left on my door all the time to good use, haha. For now, though, I'm enjoying it and wait with great anticipation for all the dozens of rose buds to bloom!!
What to do when you have three kids and only two leftover pancakes???
Cut them up and toss them with some berries, bananas and cinnamon. Add three forks. Brilliant!

My little Cubbies on Awana awards night:

I went grocery shopping today and guess what i didn't buy.........DIAPERS!!!!! Yep, we are potty training our final child and could not be more motivated by the fact that we will be diaper-free for the first time in almost 7 years. WHOOPIE!
Look at the cute tush in those big boy undies. Aw. So far he's doing awesome. Funny story, though:
I was priding myself for the first couple of days about how much more patience I have the third time around...and then I watched my friend's boys for a few hours one day, one of which is a baby.  Kelby had a #2 accident and the little baby did not like me to put him down, so he was crying and I was trying to clean up the mess in a hurry and as my stress level rose, it hit me--that's why this is easier this time--because I don't have a baby right now!!!!! Duh.

Anyway, we have almost mastered the #1 issue, but have not had a #2 in the potty yet. Any tips on this would be greatly appreciated! Thanks :)


  1. Is he ever constipated? Our daughter would not go #2 at all in the potty once she was fully trained for #1... she kept asking for a dipaer for #2... we started giving her a teaspoon of metamucil fiber each morning to help regulate her better and within a week she was doing #2 like a champ on the potty!

  2. My just-turned 3-year old is *finally* potty trained with few accidents. She's stubborn and took awhile to try the potty, especially for #2. I think her age gave ability to get her in "trouble" for going #2 in pull-ups and panties since she was fully aware of what she was doing. The big clencher, though (for the whole thing really) was not giving her an option to not try to use the potty; she ran around in just skirts for awhile :) They tend to be more aware when they can feel the breeze, lol!