Monday, March 17, 2008

Inspiration and a Must-Read

Last week, I entered an inspiration challenge hosted by Thriftin' and Craftin' and this is the scrapbook page a came up with. Every month, she'll post a new inspiration piece and those participating can create anything in any medium that was inspired by the piece. Fun, huh? You can see the super-cool mini-quilt that inspired this page here. In this page, I used her idea of the brightly colored raindrops on the brown linen background. Fun, fun.

ALSO, you can't miss this! My sister recommended to me the greatest book EVER for mommies and homemakers, called Passionate Housewives Desperate for God and it has literally changed my perspective forever. WELL, last night I was driving my cousin home after she baby-sat for us and on the radio were the authors! It was on a show called Family Life Today, but unfortunately, I arrived home shortly after they came on and it was too late for me finish listening. BUT, I got on to the Family Life website today and wouldn't ya know, it, I was able to subscribe to the podcast and so I'll get to listen to the whole thing today. Here it is, if any of you SAHM's are interested and you should be!!! :)

By the way, Becky's baby shower was yesterday and she LOVED the diaper bag. Several people told me I should have an online shop and I DO, but I'm finding it tough to sell anything from my Etsy shop because it's just so vast. Anyone else have this issue?


  1. LOVE the page. It looks so awesome!The bright colors on the neutral background is perfect! PLEASE link this post to my blog. Link this specific post so it goes directly here and not just your whole blog. I want everyone to be able to see all the great projects inspired by the piece in one place. There is a Mr. Linky box on my blog that's easy to find in my latest post. It is SO fun to see how everyone interprets the piece. I'm so glad your friend loved her diaper bag, but I knew she would. Thanks so much for doing the challenge. Have a great day!

  2. Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. My animals do have cool names! LOL!

  3. luv how you interpret the prompt. As far as Etsy, you have to advertise to get it out there. Join yahoo group, participate in their newsletter.

  4. Found you throgh Carla's challenge. Your scrapbook page is fabulous. Love all the different colored letters and that pic is just too cute.