Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Spring! and a Shop Update

What a wonderful first day of Spring!! It's in the air for sure, at least it is here in beautiful Colorado. I added these iPod cozies to my Etsy shop today, plus one more that's not in the picture. Take a look if you want!
We spent some time outside today, as you can see, and we plan to do more of the same after Layla wakes up from her nap. I know many people think Easter seems too early this year, but I find it lovely that it happens right at the same time as Spring's arrival. What better way to celebrate a world made new?!


  1. You rock! Natalie and Layla look absolutely adorable! Love ya much!
    Jana Banana

  2. Awesome!

    Hey...I'd like to meet with you and the lady that is doing weaving. Craftygirlz is almost ready to go.

    Are you still interested? If so, let me know when you can meet so we can get some loose ends tied up. I'm so excited!


  3. I LOVE the iPod cozies! Have you made any for other iPods? I have an iTouch and I would love something cute (and pink) to hold it when I'm at work. I have a portfolio thing for it now, but it's orange (the only color they had in the BX) and kind of obtrusive. Let me know! :) You're so crafty!