Friday, May 10, 2013


I told you I found an awesome chair at the Goodwill in Pueblo last weekend!! Here she is:
 Isn't is gorgeous!!?? It's in perfect condition and it looks to have been professionally reupholstered (lucky me). It's a perfect peachy color and so comfy. I think she was made for me.
 We decided we wanted bedroom chairs well over a year ago and so we began keeping our eyes peeled. You may remember me blogging about this green one after we found it last year (also at Goodwill) for only 10 bucks! It was a lucky find, most mid-century modern pieces like this have ripped vinyl, but this chair is perfect. It's a man's chair, though, so we kept searching for a girly one. Casey spotted my peach chair first and it was $45. I told him it could be my Mother's Day gift and he said he would have bought it for me anyway. Aw :) I then sat in it until it was paid for and got it's "sold" sticker, just so no one would steal it, hehe.

And now the manly green chair gets to live on Casey's side :)

And now for a couple thrifting tips:

I have a few friends who think we get really lucky all the time at thrift stores. But, really, we are just patient. We keep going and looking and wait until we find what we've been hunting for--for the right price and in the right condition. It can take some time. You can't just decide what you want, go check every thrift store/antique store in the vicinity in one day and then give up when you don't find it. Same goes for Craigslist--when I'm looking for something, I just check CL a couple times a day, sometimes for several weeks, until I find what I want. This is how I got my 8x10 wool Pottery Barn rug for $100.

Also, you have to be careful when shopping for vintage items because it can be tempting to snatch up anything vintage and you end up with too big of a collection of things you only bought because, well, they were vintage and cheap. We learned that lesson the hard way! Now we pass up lots of things that are cool, but just not useful in our home. More on this topic when I show you the new Corning ware pieces we found the same day as we got my chair :)


  1. Great Goodwill find! And very smart thrift shopping tips. I don't consider thrift shop items just "used". They are "once-loved, once again."