Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I make other stuff too ;)

My summer sewing is coming along and getting plenty of wear, too! Here are a couple dress I've made and have already worn a fe times.

This is Simplicity 1612, one of the newer patterns for knits.
 I really wasn't sure about this at first, it's much louder of a print than I usually wear, but it's such a soft knit, the fit is perfect and it's really comfy, plus I got a few compliments from strangers on it that day, so now I feel better about it. The back is really cool:

Annnnnd, I haven't only been sewing clothes for summer! I simply could not resist this pattern for a new pool bag. Then, when Hobby Lobby recently started carrying several prints of laminated cotton, I knew it was meant to be. I bought a yard (way less than the pattern recommends, but the stuff was not cheap and I determined to eke it out). So, here's our awesome new pool bag (Natalie named him Hangry):
Isn't is so funny!? His mouth is a zipper pocket Ha! We love it. It's lined with the same laminate cotton, so water will not be a problem. Bring on pool time! I also got a new swimsuit from Land's End. It has an underwire AND it's really cute *gasp*. Highly recommend.

And I make other stuff too. Last week I made Play Doh because I had tossed all ours, intending to buy new and start over and then forgetting to do that. Kelby wanted to play and I wanted him to stay occupied for more than 2 minutes, so we made some.

It was fun. But super messy. I still think I'll buy new, haha! When Casey asked what we did that day and I told him, he said something like, "You made what?? Huh. Just when I thought you'd done it all." HA! Like that will ever happen ;)

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  1. Very cute dress and funny bag. It looks like a girl monster to me: ).