Friday, August 10, 2012

thrifty thoughts

Casey and I share a love of thrifting. We both really love unique, vintage things and over the years, our styles have meshed and we almost always agree on house projects, colors, decor ideas, etc... Other than my handmade things, I think it's the "found" things that make our house and anyone's house unique. Here are some of the things we've found in recent months:

We scored this chair from the 60's at a Goodwill while on a date (yes, we like thrifting that much hahaha!) Casey spotted it and we didn't get it at first, cause we were in the small car. But, we were still thinking about it the next day, it was only $10 and it's perfect for our bedroom, so we went back and grabbed it. Plus, did you know Goodwill gives a military discount?? Well, now ya know :)
 Love it with my bird quilt! The vinyl is in perfect condition and so is the wood. It's rare to find mid-century modern pieces in this great of condition and for that cheap!
 OK, not vintage or rare, but still, we are loving this calendar--so much better than the big poster-style one I got before last school year that would NOT stay on the wall, no matter how much sticky-tack I used!
 I got this little strand of birdies at an estate sale--actually this is the only thing I bought. It was half-off day, so I got it for a dollar. It's always special to me to find handmade things like this and take them home to appreciate. I hope my handmade things go someplace where they're loved when I'm gone.
 Another chair! The vinyl on this one is perfect too! It was $2.99 at Savers. The stack of linens came from an estate sale--also in my neighborhood, also on half-off day and at a house with the same floor plan as the other one. Coincidentally. A few of these are headed to a friend for part of a housewarming gift. I bet she knows who she is, but I bet she can't guess which ones ;)
 Casey was in Kansas on Army business a few weeks ago and found an usual amount of vintage Corningware (seemingly harder to find that Pyrex pieces) and bought them for me, then proceeded to carry them on to two more flights, in a plastic grocery bag, to get them home. What a guy! This one's my fave and it's funny because I have a matching loaf pan that I found recently too.

When I really think about it, I buy hardly anything new anymore. Toys, clothes (mine and the kids'), furniture, all come secondhand--thrift stores, estate sales, consignment stores, Craigslist. I buy fabric new, but on clearance.  I buy shoes new too, although not before agonizing over the price for a couple weeks, ha! But, really, there's a way to get almost anything cheaper. It takes creativity and patience, but that's the fun part!! I do know I'm lucky to live in a city with amazing thrifting options and this might not always be the case for me, so I'll enjoy it while it lasts!

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  1. Hi Nikki,
    I miss you and can't wait to talk! Ben and I were just at the coast...and we visited the Goodwill!