Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day sewing, among other things.

I had a lovely Mother's Day! I hope you did too :)  After a veritable feast of steak and lobster at my mom's, we came home and I sewed the rest of the day away! I finished up a knit dress and then cut out a rayon top. I just snatched up Simplicity 1614 the other day when they went on sale for 99 cents, but I was very unsure of this flowy style on me, although it's a style I've been wanting to try.

I am very pleasantly surprised by how much I ended up loving this top! It really might be the most comfortable thing I own.

I really like the back and the nice butt coverage ;)

Kelby totally photo bombed my first attempt:
Yes, he still wears the dino costume. Makes the sewing time worth it when they love their costumes this much!

In other news, I did quite a bit of cleaning on Saturday and then took that rare opportunity to take a picture of my granny couch, which we scored at an estate sale for $25 several months ago (it was marked $90, but it was the end of the day and she was practically begging us to take it, haha). I updated the look with pillows and new lamps from Ikea. Then, after touching up that wall behind the couch, I only hung up the one piece of art, rather than the collage I used to have there. I really like the look now!

 Then I moved a chair over to the bookshelf side because it occurred to me that not all furniture must be pointed at the TV, hahahaha! I like to sit over here and it makes a much better conversation area now.

I snapped this pic of Kelby splashing in puddles. His new camo pants were soaked and he *made* me wash them right away so he could wear them to bed that very night. I just get so happy when the kids love things I make for them that much, so I couldn't say no ;)

It's supposed to reach the 80's this week!!! We are so excited, that we went to Target this morning and bought our annual kiddie pool and the kids are happily playing in it even as I write this. I'm also working on a super cute new pool bag and can't wait to sign the kids up for lessons! AND, I spotted the first green bud on our huge front yard tree. She's always a late bloomer, but oh, how I love waiting and watching for those first buds!!


  1. Your top looks great in every way! It makes me want to rush to my sewing machine...oh wait, I'd have to go buy that pattern first. *sigh*

    I've ogled your couch before in the background. :o) So happy to see it featured.

  2. I love your new top! I bought that pattern this week and plan to make the view you did. I was worried about the lack of photo too, but they did make it up for Joann fabric's simplicity magazine, and it looked good there.

  3. I love your sofa! So granny chic! The top is cute too. I was wondering about this pattern at Joann Saturday...