Tuesday, May 21, 2013

around the house

Seems like we've been spending our days enjoying home lately! I uploaded photos just now and realized how many memories we make right here at home with each other and with others. Since school is winding down and the weather is warming up, we have been able to relax quite a bit, while I take random photos of it all along the way.

Here's a dress I made recently and that I really love:
Knit dresses are my Summer uniform, there is nothing more comfortable on a hot day, in my opinion. This in an older Cynthia Rowley pattern that I've made before, only this time, I omitted the waistband. 
 We had a play date last Friday. It was so much fun to hang out with a couple other mamas, just chatting for hours while our kiddos played! And the weather was perfect. This is my lovely friend Jennica and her gorgeous little one :)
 The boys...
 It is SO adorable how excited Kelby gets on mow day. He puts on his mow clothes (a hat) and follows Casey and the mower around the whole time. It's super cute. d

 Awana awards night!! These little girls are the best of buddies.
 Natalie and Mr. Al:
 The Cubbies, waiting anxiously to sing their Cubbies song:

 We are continuing some low-key school time throughout the summer. Math for the girls, mostly, but Kelby likes to spread out with his workbox.
 We have a beautiful snowball tree in our backyard and watching it come to life is one of my favorite things about Springtime.
 Today I made play doh! It was super cool, the kids helped.

I have some more sewing to share! Several things, actually, but we are going to stay busy planting flowers, playing with friends and going to the pool (starting next week, yay!) too, so I will share it when I can!

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  1. The colors and construction of your dress are amazing! So um, what type of bra do you wear with a racer back top/dress? Sports bra? Convertible bra? Or just join your regular bra straps in the back?