Tuesday, October 30, 2012

salvaging things

I revisited a few tops I thought were wadders and fixed them to where I actually like them, yay! One was a knit nightgown that I chopped off way too short (I think I used the wrong end of my ruler) so now it's a great p.j. top, at least. And another was a knit dress, turned shirt (I didn't like the bottom) that I still didn't like the neckline of because I don't look good in crew necks. So, I cut a new neckline and new binding and now I like it, yeah!

I also made New Look 6110 out of some chiffon I bought recently on clearance at JoAnn. I'm wearing it today and really liking it.

I think the envelope makes the hem look straight, but it actually has more of a shirttail shape, which I prefer in long tops like this. I don't think chiffon tops anyone's list of favorite fabrics to work with, but for a drapey style like this, I love the effect because it still shows your shape. If I made it in a more opaque fabric, I'd probably belt it.

Anyway, it was good to make something that worked out! It's been awhile!