Monday, October 1, 2012

Busy Blogger

Okay, I may not be busy at blogging lately, but I have certainly been busy :)

Busy reading good books...
 Busy writing poetry...
Busy playing with oil pastels and symmetry...

Busy instructing little minds and encouraging little hearts.

All while sipping tea, of course...
Somehow the phrase, "Who's turn to choose our morning tea?" completely averts the school time whinies. I don't know why it works, but I'm thankful. Thus, tea has become our morning ritual.

So, while I don't like how little I've been blogging, and would like to blog more because I love it and it's good for the spirits, I feel good about my reasons for the sparse posting. However, I have a few goals for October--one is to exercise every day this month (while this habit was easy peasey over the summer, I'm finding it harder to fit in during the school year) and the other is to at least take photos of something every day, because a big reason for not blogging is not having the needed pictures. I have sewing projects that have been done for weeks! And one great little Fall mini quilt that I'm almost done with. And two cute little hats I crocheted for my two cute little girls!

What have you been busy with??

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  1. Can my kids go to your school? It looks like a lot of fun!