Monday, October 15, 2012

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Hello there!! I had my first ever wedding shoot last night. I was NERVOUS! The most special day of two peoples' lives and I'm in charge of documenting it?! But, it went fine. Better than fine, it was great :) It was a beautiful backyard setting and the yard backed to open space. It was in the evening just before sundown so I couldn't have asked for better light. My friend and wedding planner Terri made everything look so beautiful and the small crowd of loving friends and supporters made it so intimate and celebratory.

I think this shot of the bride waiting upstairs for things to begin is just perfection:

In other news, I've been seriously plugging away at costumes. The Belle dress is almost done (worst pattern instructions EVER! So many mistakes). But, in the spirit of "we're moving twice next year", we've been diligently doing a number on the amount of stuff we have, particularly the kind of stuff that just gets stored and not used. So, I'd like to give away some handmade costumes of years gone by!!! Yay! Lucky you :)

Here they are. I made these felt cupcake costumes three years ago, when I think my girls were 2 and 4 (I think). They were lent to some sweet sisters last year, but I now have no use for them. Rather than keep storing and moving them, I'd like to let someone else enjoy them! I don't have any stellar pics, but these will have to do:
Sooooo, if you would like a chance to win, leave a comment and let me know if you'd like one or both (they will fit kids ages 2-5, I think). If the first person chosen wants both, they're yours, but if they only need one, I'll choose another winner for the other one. I will choose winners a week from today. I can only afford to ship to U.S. addresses, sorry!

Added for clarification: Both cupcakes are the same size, but they will fit girls between 2 and 5, they would just be shorter on a 5 year old, obviously :)

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  1. UHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT the 2T costume!!!!!!!!!!! or the 5t:) I Hope I win! I loved these when you made them, so I hope I will be the lucky winner that one gets passed on too:)