Thursday, October 4, 2012

maple leaf mini

Fall has definitely arrived in Colorado! The weather turned today and there may even be some snow flurries in Saturday's forecast. Or it could be 80 know how reliable those weather guys are ;)

Yesterday I got out our few, but beloved Fall decorations. This year I have a new one, though!! I've been seeing these maple leaf blocks here and there and recently pinned this one. I was inspired to create a mini quilt of my own and came up with this:

 It was so much fun. I've been wanting to make a Fall quilt for a few years, but a mini quilt was actually doable, so I went with it :) I tried my hand at organic line quilting and really love the effect.
 It looks great over my little teacher desk!
A few other favorite Fall decorations:
My basket of fabric apples...
 And, that's right, I have Pilgrim Cupies! I know you're jealous ;) My Ganny made these many, many years ago. She signed their little tooshies. Love them.

So, happy Fall to you!! If you'd like to follow my quilting board on Pinterest, you can find that here. There's some super inspirational stuff on there! And here's one more for the road, of us in the mountains last weekend. So glad we carved out time to do that!


  1. Very nice mini quilt! And very nice family photo! So hope we can make time to do that this weekend too.

  2. How in the world did you make those fabric apples? I love them!

  3. Hello, I found your blog while jumping around on a friend's favorite pages. I was reading your blog because I saw that you are so crafty & you home school...Well then I saw your pictures. I went to church with your husband Casey! How funny, small world!