Friday, October 12, 2012

everyday snippets

I'm considering a camera upgrade and my friend and photographer let me borrow one to try out, so I've been playing around with it :) So fun, I just love taking pictures!! I could have taken photos of meaningful things and sewing projects and perfectly decorated little areas, but I didn't ;) Here's some random snippets of our everyday life, though.

Kelby took this photo of me and Layla!! That's right, my four-year-old. Love. 
 Our backyard view. Beautiful. My mom says of Fall, "Only God can make something so beautiful out of death."
 Just playing with the camera :)

 My new mixer!!!!!! So excited about this. No more kneading pizza dough by hand for me! We found in new in box, never opened, on Craigslist :)
 I've been reading L.M. Montgomery's (of Anne of Green Gables fame) Emily trilogy. Loving it. I found this series plus her A Tangled Web at a used book store. That one made my most favorite books list, I really liked it.
 Drying dishes. My mom gave me that red cast iron dutch oven in front the other day. I made dinner in it last night and it was fun :)
 Natalie started taking piano lessons. Brings back memories for me. She's doing great and loving it!

 This hutch was my Granny's. It's one of my favorite things. Legend goes, she set it on fire at some point, which is why it got painted white.  Kelby picked the Kleenex hehe.
 I found this awesome Japanese bowl from the 50's (I researched it) at a Paris street market recently. Makes me smile every day!
 Uhhh, out of order, but these are just more backyard pics.
 This one of Layla is my new desktop background. I love it!
That's all.
I finished a pretty awesome dinosaur costume last night! Maybe you'll get to see it before Halloween, but if I let him wear it long enough for a photo, he might never take it off, ha! The Egyptian Princess costume only lacks jewels and I'll start on Belle tonight, yay! WITH my brand new, shiny, perfect serger :D

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  1. Lovely! I desperately need a new camera. I have a very good 35mm, but does anybody use those anymore? Not me, it is 90 min round trip to get film developed! Besides, I want to see my pictures now. And put them straight onto my pc. I hope you find one you really like, the one you borrowed takes great pics.