Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My Easter Dress

I picked up this beautiful floral rayon at Denver Fabrics when I was last there with my mom. I don't usually spring for fabrics not in the clearance bins, but Mom really encouraged me to get this one and I'm glad she did :) It is SO pretty and flowy and comfortable to wear.
Here's how my Easter dress turned out:
I debated over the pattern for ages because I didn't want to try a design I was unsure about and end up ruining this fabric! I decided on Simplicity 2588 because I've had good experiences with the Project Runway line in the past and this dress has lines that I knew would flatter, since I've made similar things before.
I like it, I'll definitely make this pattern again! You can read my review here.

I've come to realize that I really could use some Summer tops. I have some t-shirts and tanks, but not much else. I would like to make some light, flowy tops for Summer, so I went to
for inspiration. I found a few I'd like to copy and would post their photos here, but Anthropologie has somehow made it to where no one can copy their photos, probably to avoid being "pinned". Why a company wouldn't want their clothes on Pinterest, I'll never know. Wouldn't that exposure be a good thing??

I also found this dress I really want to copy and I think I already have a pattern that will work, with a few added details! Kinda excited about that. Now I just wish Anthro sold fabric, ha!


  1. Very pretty dess. I am eyeing the skirt part of the pattern for a dress I will wear to a wedding.
    You can get pictures from any site by taking a 'screen shot' by pressing Ctrl-Alt-PrntScr buttons at the same time. Then open Microsoft's Paint program and paste the screen shot. Paint has a tool that will allow you to crop the area you want to save. Windows 7 has a Snipping tool that you can select just the area you'd like to copy. You can paste the capture in any imaging program - save it and post it to your blog.

  2. This dress is SO cute. I've never taken a second look at that pattern, but you've convinced me!