Saturday, March 3, 2012

Natalie turns 7

Yesterday, we celebrated my firstborn's 7th birthday!! For a few days before, I kept thinking, "this time 7 years ago, I was...". Ha! Natalie's birth was traumatic, though, so maybe that's why I remember many more of the leading-up details than I do about the next two.

Anyway, this is the first time we have had a big-girl, drop-off party and it was sooooo much fun! Art is her favorite thing ever so we had an art party. Naturally :) I'm not going to explain all these pics, because, well, they're pretty self-explanatory and there are a LOT, so here ya go!

In case you're interested:
  • The rainbow cake: The idea came from here, but was made by my talented friend Melissa of Special Kakes.
  • Natalie's birthday dress: Made by me :) The pattern is a Simplicity Project Runway one that is no longer on their website. Sorry! 
  • Those awesome crayon candles were from Hobby Lobby. 
  • The butterfly art project was adapted from Deep Space Sparkle (LOVE this art for kids site). 


  1. Love the party "favors" LOL. I am sure this will be a very good memory for you and Natalie.

  2. Happy Birthday, Natalie! Your pictures always look like a nice commercial...tell me it's just the camera...that would make me feel so much better about myself...