Monday, March 19, 2012

March of Dresses

This week I have no less the 5 dresses to show you. FIVE dresses that I've made over the past several months and not gotten around to photographing or blogging about!! It's probably because I'm unsure about every last one of them. Every one of them has a little something that I'm not in love with. So, I would love your honest thoughts as I post each one!

I'll start with the most recent. This is Simplicity 2248, part of their Project Runway collection. Here's how mine turned out:
And the back...
Pretty! HOWEVER the neckline gapes!!! I was pretty bummed. It doesn't look like that big of a deal in the picture, but anyone taller than me can probably see right down the front of it unless I'm super careful. And, I really don't like being super careful. Especially at church, where I work with kids and play some percussion on stage. Bummer. The fabric is a beautiful vintage cotton too! Extra bummer. Unless I get invited to an unusually high number of garden parties (even one garden party would be unusual), I don't see myself getting much wear out of this. Maybe a wedding? Maybe. At any rate, you can read my review of this pattern here.

Before I end this, can you look at this pattern envelope and agree with me that the fabrics on these models are awful for this pattern??
Kinda hard to see past the daisy kingdom print to the great details!

Anyway, wanna hear Kelby's latest antics?? Last night, he snuck into my room, colored on my deodorant with my mascara, then colored on my vanity mirror with my deodorant! My mascara brush was bent to a 90 degree angle. But, one can't go on without mascara, right?? Yep, I wore it anyway :)


  1. Great fabric choice, so springy! Lovely dress....

  2. It's too bad about the gaping because it looks really great on you! I'm looking forward to seeing what the other dresses are like.

  3. This dress is very pretty!

    I think the problem of gaping is a design issue related to the square neckline. I too have had similar disappointing results. Not with this dress design, but with other garments.

    Not sure what the fix would be. Any attempt at gathering or tucking would change the design of the neckline. Maybe make the square neckline smaller....?

  4. Love this pattern Nikki and I thk it looks real nice on you !

  5. I am loving the back on that dress! Gorgeous!