Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I love pretty nightgowns, I struggle to find ones that cover enough to wear around the house in the late evenings. They're all super short, tight, low-cut etc... Those have their place ;) And the rest of what's out there is granny-wear. But I wanted a few pretty nighties that were more like loungewear. So I dug this pattern out:
I had some vintage cotton that was given to me and got to work. Here's how it turned out!
I think I really like it! I have a ton of this fabric left still. I think some summer pj pants might be perfect. I can't think past the sleepwear genre because this fabric totally reminds me of some vintage sheets I once owned. If I made a dress out of it, I would feel like I was wearing sheets, ha!

Okay, so a few days after I made that maxi skirt in my last post, I got an email from Anthropologie about their new line and check this out:
Floral border print; yoga waistband. Remind you of anything?? Made me feel cutting edge there for a minute, haha!

Last but not least, isn't this just the funniest T-shirt you've seen in awhile!?
Dude! It's Waldo! Sooooooo funny.


  1. You are right about this nightie pattern, it really is nice. And it is hard to come by something that isn't extremely granny, or extremely daring. I love your fabric choice too! Nice job.

  2. That's where he's been....gosh, haven't seen him since the 90s....

  3. Oh I love that pattern. Can you share the pattern number or is it still available.

  4. 2 things--WHAT is going on with pose on the jammie pattern? she confused about what she is modeling? The Dark side of flannel? Just made me giggle. Thing Two: have you noticed that Casey and Waldo sort of look alike?