Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Don't you think the term "maxi dress" just sounds wrong? Doesn't make you think of maxi...pads??? Just me? Okay, then.

I had a maxi dress from Old Navy that is a little outdated. I didn't wear it at all last Summer because it felt out of style and because I have to wear a tank top under it for modesty and I really don't like layering like then when it's super hot outside! So, I stuck it in my fabric stash to do something with later and I finally did that something :)

I turned it from this:
...to this:
After I cut off the skirt length, I didn't have a wide enough piece for the waistband, so I used a t-shirt that was too tight for my comfort and used that instead. Love it!
I used Patty Youngs instructions for a yoga-style waistband found here.
I find it comfortable and pretty and now I have plans to make yoga waistbands for all kinds of things, haha!