Tuesday, February 28, 2012

World Traveler

I absolutely must tell you about this! I'm sure most of you are familiar with Highlights, but we recently got an offer in the mail for their Top Secret Adventures kits and I signed us up for the trial. WOW, this is fun!! We finished our China adventure this week and subscribed to receive more right away! The girls looooooved it and for homeschoolers, it is rich with teaching opportunities. One could build quite a unit study around it. We had just learned about China in ancient history, so that made it even better. We practiced math skills, reading, writing, history, geography and more, without Natalie really even realizing it, muahahahaha! ;)

Basically, you're a spy trying to figure out clues to a mystery by working through a series of puzzles in the workbook. And the guidebook is very nicely done, a keeper, for sure! Older kids could do these themselves, but since mine are younger, we worked through it together.
Here's a few of the suspects. Pretty funny :)
Anyway, a very well-done product from Highlights! Just had to share.

While I'm on the world traveling topic, enjoy a new favorite from Andrew Peterson :)


  1. I did tell you I saw him in concert right? I LOVE him and I love that song... all his songs really :) On top of all that talent (writing and playing and singing) he's SUPER funny.... kinda sounds like someone else we know :)

  2. Great addition to your new study project! Nice song. I bet the kids are sharing their virtual travels with their Granny, aren't they? They have lots in common. :)

  3. Kyle LOVED Top Secret Adventures. I think we just finally, this year, gave away the books :)