Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Dress #2 could be for you

Edit: I just noticed this is my 600th post!!!! Get out!!!!! What better way to celebrate than an unplanned giveaway? Ha! 

So, another dress. I'm pretty disappointed in myself because every time I make a cowl neck, I don't like it on me! The back is great. I like the fabric. The skirt and the length are perfection. But, I hate the cowl neck. On me.

This bodice style is doing nothin' for me. It makes my trunk look unshapely and my arms look big and I don't have big arms.
But, the back is gorgeous! See?
Although, in these pics, the dress looks a little snug on me all the way around, doesn't it?? Fail. Bummer.

If you like cowls on you, though, the pattern was great to work with and was this one:
Is it me or is the dress in the photo deceiving? It looks much drapier on her and the skirt looks much fuller than in the drawing.  It's probably just too big for her, that's what it looks like to me.

At any rate, I will not wear this dress, but there's no use in it going to waste, so I'm going to offer it to one of YOU, my readers :) Any takers?? Off the rack, this would be a six or four probably. I wear a six, but I have kind of a muscular build so if you're a more willowy 6 or a 4, this would probably be gorgeous on you! And it's well made, I promise. The first thing I made with my new serger, actually! I can mail it on Thursday. If there's more than one person interested, I will random number generate, ha! Just leave me a comment!!!!


  1. I think it quite cutely, & this color suits u Nikki :) just send my way, Id be curious to see if I cld pull this one off or not. :)

  2. Oh I absolutely love the dresss and I love it on you!!! I am starting to sew some clothes but I am starting with my grandchildren. As much as I love this dress, you need to reconsider about keeping it.

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  5. Looks like it's already spoken for, but if for some reason it doesn't work for anyone one else, I'd be interested!

  6. I think you're navel gazing ;) --it looks great! Maybe you just need to step away from it for a bit. The pattern does look drapier--is each view a different style on the pattern? Odd

  7. It looks ADORABLE on you! You are crazy :) Thanks for keeping on inspiring me! I am trying to get my sewing groove back! This week was only pajamas, but I think the spark is back!

  8. Such an adorable dress! I would love to have it!!!



  9. Super, super, super cute. I'm 5'7" and about 120 lbs. Size 4-6-ish. It sounds like it might work for me. If you agree, count me in!!
    Thanks a ton. I really admire all of your beautiful work.
    kadamswils at yahoo dot com