Friday, March 30, 2012

Easter Sewing

I've been Easter sewing up a storm! Well, that makes it sound more frantic than it's actually been, cause I started several weeks ago. Here's a sneak peek!
After three attempts, I finally made a winner for my own Easter dress. It's the beautiful rayon on the left. I'll post specifics about all these dresses after Easter, when I have photos of us wearing them!

I had a couple of vintage bunny prints that were given to me that I thought would be perfect for nightgowns for the girls, so today I dug them out and whipped some up to put in their Easter baskets. Rather than deal with a pattern, I made them pillowcase-dress-style. They turned out sooo cute, especially after adding these eyelet trims, which I think I got a whole bag of, with several colors at a thrift store.
I made these pretty much from memory, but there are tons of instructions for pillowcase dresses around the web. I'm going to JoAnn's this weekend and if they have any cute knits for boys, I'll put some p.j.'s together for Kelby too :) I spent $15 on the fabric for my own dress, but the girls' dresses and the nightgowns were all from my stash and were all given to me by my dear older friend at church! A couple zippers and a roll of ribbon later, and I think I'm down $25 for FIVE Easter garments!! Not bad.

Speaking of JoAnn's, the new Simplicities are out and on sale this weekend! I have picked out a few from the new line.

I like the lines of this one a lot, especially with those pockets! I'm a little concerned about the width of that neckline, though. It looks like a regular bra would show. And, I'd only make the short sleeved version.

I'm on the fence about this next one. The lines are really cool, obviously, but I don't know how this would flatter the hips. I've had mostly good luck withe Cynthia Rowley line, though, so I think I'll give it a shot. Any thoughts?

This one's kinda cool. I'm not sure about the cut-out, although I have recently seen something just like it on the cover of some style magazine or another, but I do really like the ties around the waist. Plus, the shape is a tried and true one for me.

Have you noticed all the asymmetrical hems this season?? I have a fabric that would suit this style perfectly and thought I would have to wing it, until I saw this pattern. (And there's that cut-out thing again on the top. What do you think about this cut-out style?)
This is adorable for the girls. I love every view. It goes up to size 8, so I'm in luck.

The only thing I like on this last one is view C, the little top with the cute pleats and sleeves. Natalie would look adorable in it. And maybe the shorts. Maybe. Okay, and maybe the dress, I guess. But those pants are awful. I haven't been a big fan of the Suede Says line. Usually the styling is so bad that it's hard to even see the lines, but this one could work. Natalie's style is getting a little more grown up (*sniff*) so I'm going to grab this pattern.

Have you seen the new simplicities? Which are your must-haves??


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  2. As usual, I love your choices. And I picked up that Cynthia Rowley yesterday too- love all the seam detailing!

    Cant wait to see what you make with your new patterns!

  3. cute patterns! I was wondering what you thought of some of these. I was in Joann's this week:) What do you think of pattern 1882 (minus the collar and sleeveless for an Easter dress?) I was unsure:)

  4. I love that 1800 pattern with the wide neck - the waistline and pleats are so cute and I think will look great on you. But I bet you are right about the bra showing. I wonder if you modify the angle on the neckline so that it still has the right shape but isn't quite so wide if it would work better. Can't wait to see all your results!