Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I didn't blog at all last week!! I don't know if I've ever done that before. My laptop was getting low on space and you know, when that happens, computers get cranky. They move like molasses until you give em some space! So, before uploading any more photos into iPhoto, I had to move the 3,300 I took last year to a hard drive. But not before putting the ones I want prints of on Flickr! It was a big deal. We're saving our pennies for a desktop Mac.

Anyway, look at my cute Easter kids!
Kelby's hat and the girls' dresses received lots of compliments at church :)

I'll post my own Easter dress tomorrow, once I review the pattern on patternreview.com. We had a FULL, but great weekend. I hope you all did too!!! :)

In other news, the military ball has been scheduled. For this weekend! They gave us a little over a week's notice. Nice. So, my friend Liz and I went on a mission to find dresses. (I found a great one AND it was on clearance. Whew!) But, while we were in Dillards, look what I spotted:

Look familiar to you?? No?? Here's a clue:
It's the exact same dress! The pleats, the wrap, the neckline and even the open back, which I didn't get a picture of on the mannequin, but here's what it looked like on mine:
I thought for sure it would be by one of the designers who also designs patterns, but nope, it's a Jessica Simpson dress. And, in my opinion, the fabric is all wrong ;) Anyway, I just found that interesting. Who copied who here?? It's not just similar, it's the exact same design. I know the pattern has been out for awhile, it is not a new one, so I just wonder what happens. It is a Project Runway pattern, so I guess I can see how the designer could have also designed for Dillards. But why put Jessica Simpson's name on it rather than giving proper credit? Surely she didn't design the dress, or I'm sure her name would have been on the pattern too. Clearly, although a celebrity's name appears on a clothing line, they don't do the actual designing!

Just a thing that made me go "hmmm".


  1. Your dress is soooo much cuter and the fabric you chose is perfect. The other fabric - drab and ugly and so not springy!

  2. Well! I think your dress looks light years better than the Dillards one. The Dillard's looks floozie-ish and yours looks classy.

  3. I just saw something on TV about JS copying shoes by some very famous designer. She siad she didn't copy but they showed the shoes side by side and they sure looked exactly the same to me! I wonder if that's whats happening? It'll be interesting to see where all this is going to go!!