Monday, March 28, 2011

What a find!

Dude! Check out what I scored at my favorite thrift store this last weekend:
It's some kind of French street sign, I assume. But, it's perfect in Kelby's room. It says Buzz--as in Buzz Lightyear!? So cool and only $2.99. Can't beat that :)

Kelby will be moving to a big boy bed pretty soon so I can start potty training him this summer (eek!) and my intention was to convert his crib into the headboard/footboard that it's supposed to turn into. Casey doesn't really like the idea, I can tell, but I was going to do it anyway :) Until.....I saw this picture today on Apartment Therapy:
(Photo credit:

I LOVE this idea of making a headboard out of shipping pallets and Bud's Warehouse has tons of them. I think Casey will think it's pretty cool too, we'll see.


  1. Love this idea!!! Much more "manly" :) You're kiddos are so beautiful (and handsome!) and they're getting SO big!! Can't wait to see you in four days!! AAAAHHHHH!!!!

  2. Oops! Didn't realize Yead was signed in! Sorry... The comment was from me :)

  3. LOVE the idea of making a head borad out of shipping pallets! SO COOL! and would probably be really easy too! cant wait to see the after pics!

  4. that is a amazing headboard idea....i love the street sign. i love having interesting things on the walls.

  5. It's not a French street sign LOL You can get those made to order. We see them all the time at the lake to tell people whose house is whose. Les and Buzz probably had it at the start of their drive way at some point. Great way to reuse it!

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