Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Don't knock it til you try it

I love pickled eggs! I have always loved them. Not the yucky yellow/green ones you find in big jars at the grocery store (who wants to eat an egg that color!?) but the purple kind that I grew up eating and now that I make for my kids. So, even though some of you are gagging at the thought, I want to link you to the best recipe I've found, just in case some of you are brave enough to try it. If you love vinegar like me, you'll like them, I promise. Try them, try them, Sam-I-Am!!!
Just a side note, you don't have to keep the beets, just use the juice and toss the beets if you don't like them.

On a whole 'nother topic...Can I just freeze this guy in time? Please? I don't remember having these feelings about the girls, but lately I am loathe to see my baby boy grow up. Maybe because he's my last one, I dunno, but I will SO miss his toddler years!



  1. looks good! we will have to try that. and i know how you feel about seeing em grow up. i am already there with Brezzy and am hankering for another baby... now to talk the factory into the idea.

  2. That's how I feel about Andreas (minus the temper-tantrums)...it must be a last baby thing. Thanks for the box of clothes for Julia. I just thought earlier today that I need to pull out some clothes for her, and then your box arrived. The best part...it's already packed in a box (easier for moving). We need to catch up!

  3. Ahhh...this post brought me back a couple of decades...I grew up eating pickled eggs :) Yum. Just catching up on some of your posts...I've grinned my way through most of them. Love the scrapbooking pages and the creativity you are fostering in your kids.