Friday, March 18, 2011

out with the new, in with the old

I got a new sewing machine! Actually, it's a pretty old sewing machine, but it happens to be my dream machine, which appeared on Craigslist for a super good deal right after my 5-year-old machine fritzed out on me yet again.

For a long time, I thought what I wanted was a quilting machine (metal, longer arm, built-in walking foot) but I was waiting until Pfaff started making one that at least had a zig-zag and a button holer. Then, recently, when thinking about how my circa 1970's Brother would be the perfect machine if only it did more than a straight stitch, it occurred to me that what I really want is an older Pfaff--from back when they were still all made in Germany. Enter, the Pfaff 1222E:
It's been well-loved. It's been all tuned up and refurbished. It's metal. I has a built-in walking foot. It has a zig-zag and several decorative stitches. I didn't even have to change feet or attach a crazy contraption to make 6 perfect button holes yesterday. It sewed through a few layers of cotton canvas with batting in between like it was butter. *happy sigh* It really is everything I have been dreaming of in a sewing machine!!!
Now, you'll allow me to rant for a minute, right? Why are newer computerized machines so popular, when these older ones are SO much better!? That computerized Pfaff, for which I scrimped and saved and paid over $500 for gave me nothing but trouble. In fact, over the last three years, I have forked out another $300 in repair costs! Why did they modernize to the point of actually selling inferior machines!? They are so temperamental, parts cost an absolute fortune and they need serviced more often. I don't get it.

But, anyway, I think I'll be happy with this baby for a long, long time :) While I was working on a project for the kids yesterday, I enjoyed this lovely view from my sewing room window (this was before they came up and hung out with me, making sculptures out of buttons and fabric scraps :)
Ah, aren't you so happy it's Springtime?


  1. lucky you that is a gorgeous sewing machine!

  2. Old friends are the best, aren't they? It sounds as though you've been reunited with a fabulous workhorse that will give you pleasurable projects and sassy stitches for years to come!

  3. The 1222 was THE best machine ever made by Pfaff!! I have 2 old Pfaff's and love them! For quilting, the 1222 is just the best. Solid, metal, quiet and with the IDF. Can't wait to see what you create with your new baby :o) Amie in Tn.