Thursday, March 10, 2011

bring on Summer!!!!!

You'd think I'm in the mood for Summertime or something because I have made three summer dresses for myself over the last few weeks. I just looooove dresses in the Summer and Anthropologie is simply out of the question money-wise and since I am not loving the Spring styles in the other stores this year (don't get me started on skinny jeans, I sparked quite the discussion about their prevalence on Facebook the other day), I got to sewing. Here's #1, with a super-cheesy smile:
This pattern is Simplicity #2582. It fits me really well, I'll definitely be trying the longer version out of a more flowy fabric, I think.

Then I made this one:
I'm so thrilled that floor-length dresses are in style right now because I don't think there's anything that makes me feel prettier :) This pattern is Simplicity 2579.

And here's my favorite so far (pattern is McCall's 5879, although I took out several inches of fullness in the skirt to avoid the pregnant look):
I absolutely love this fabric. It's kind of like a reverse applique! Here's a close-up:
Cool, right? I won't be putting it in the dryer, though. Actually I may need to hand wash it. Hmmmm. Anyway, fabrics like this cost a lot at JoAnn or online, but Denver Fabrics had it for only $4 a yard, so it cost me $6 total. I got the fabric for the long dress there too, along with three more:
So, I got five pieces and a pair of thread snips for less than the amount I was tempted to pay for this one dress. Ha!

The funny thing is, I've tried all three of these patterns before, without success. I was making the wrong sizes every time. However, after making one thing in the right size, I seem to be able to make that size every time and it fits perfectly. My point is, it may take some time to find some patterns and styles that work for you, so just keep trying! Also, if you're only paying 6 bucks for the fabric and $1 for the pattern, you haven't wasted a whole lot of money if it doesn't work out. Plus, you can make some adjustments and try again.

On a related topic, WHY is every dress on the racks right now SO SHORT!? I find that really annoying, as someone who spends a lot of time on the floor. Or bending over. Or jumping around to kids songs :)

Back to fabric. Occasionally my Reno friend Jenn and I decide we need to clean out our fabric stashes and do a little swap. Jenn's box for me arrived the other day and it felt like Christmas!!! Look at all the awesome fabric she sent me!
I didn't fold it like this, she did. I didn't dare unfold any of it, I just stuck it right on my shelf :)
AND, she sent me a cute little Amy Butler pouch, plus two awesome necklaces. Here's one of them:
Pretty, right!? Thanks Jenn, you're the best :)


  1. oh my gosh nikki! i LOVE the dresses! you are so talented!!! and of course you look UHdorable! totally get what you're saying about the short dresses these days! what is happening? and i haven't commented, but ive kept up with the decor posts recently... LOVE the bird quilt in your room and the frames and art above the bed. and i love the girls room too! i bet they feel so pretty in there. :)

  2. Wow, these dresses are super cute! The fabric is gorgeous. Well done indeed. Your blog is great btw and thank you for following <3

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