Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Well, I have been on a podcast roll ever since I posed that question to you all! I decided to compose a list of  a few good ones that I'm really enjoying.  I am only bummed that it took me this long to discover this free world of resources! I even found some good ones for kiddos, which Natalie has enjoyed a few of already.

  • I have always enjoyed the sermons from Christ Church in Moscow, ID, where my sister and family used to live and still subscribe and listen when I can.  You can find this podcast here, or by typing "Canon Press online sermons Moscow, Idaho" into your iTunes. 
  • In the comments, Steph recommended the Radio Lab podcast by NPR, and I'm reallllly liking this one! The subjects are diverse and very interesting and make for easy listening.  I like NPR anyway, (except for science Fridays, booooriiiiing) so it's no surprise I like this one :) Thank you, Step! 
  • After I got the Podcast bug, I started looking for all kinds of things, including podcasts for kids.  We like "Children's Fun Storytime" and "Sing 'n' Learn Children's Entertainment" (this one is for preschoolers). You can find both of these by typing their names into the iTunes search bar.
  • Some of you sewers are probably already aware of the Sew Forth Now podcast, but I listened to it for the first time yesterday and really liked it.  
  • Along with Christ Church's podcast, I have also subscribed for quite awhile to Family Life Today.  It is always encouraging and the topics are always good one for families. 
  • Also in the comments, my friend Rita suggested Coffee Break Spanish, which I haven't tried yet, but definitely will soon! She said the lady speaks Spanish with an Aussie accent, ha! 
  • Last but not least, my sister recommended I consider subscribing to to and I think I will definitely do that.  In the mean time, though, Books Should Be Free has free downloadable audiobooks (mostly classics) and I downloaded Lady Audley's Secret and started listening to it today.  So far, so good! A great resource if you don't want to spend the money on an audiobook subscription. 
I hope you have some fun with these! If anyone has more listening entertainment ideas, please share in the comments! 

I can't have a post without a picture, can I??? Here's one of Natalie making life-size paper doll clothes.  Someday, when I teach this kid to sew, there will be absolutely no stopping her!!! 


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  2. Glad you are liking Radio Lab! I had a few more recommends, but I was typing on my iPod which is a pain.

    So if you are an NPR listener, you probably already know about This American Life. Also a great podcast.

    My two fave Christian podcasts are Eleven22 from Beach United Methodist in Florida. Joby Martin is the pastor and he's fabulous. The second are the podcasts from Menlo Park Presbyterian (Menlo Park California). ALL of their pastors give awesome sermons. I'm sure you can google or find easily on iTunes if you use it.

    I've never heard of Sew Forth Now. I'm excited to give it a listen!

  3. Hola, Nikki.

    We hope you enjoy Coffee Break Spanish when you get round to listening to it, though we should point out that we're from Scotland, not Australia, but teacher Mark's Spanish is perfect as he's lived and worked in Spain over many years, so you'll not be learning Spanish with a Scottish accent!

    Best wishes,

    Radio Lingua Team

  4. Hey, just so you know, you can download books for free from the Denver Public Library. If you go online, have a library card, you can check out audio e-books to listen on mp3 player or ipod. I love it! It saves me when I'm stuck in traffic on I-25.