Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fallish things

I am up early today! I'm very excited because my fabulous friend Jenn and the younger of her two daughters is flying in in a few hours for a visit!!!  So, yesterday, I spent the whole day cleaning my house from top to bottom, since I know it may not get cleaned while she'd here--we'll be having too much fun :)  AND, my cousin Jordan came over two days this week and helped me paint Kelby's room. I have a few finishing touches to do, then I'll share pictures, it reallllllly turned out cute.  For now, though, I have lots of pic from our trip to Nick's Garden Center last week! Oh, first, though, here's one of the gorgeous tree in our front yard:
haha! Love that one :)

And, my favorite:
If you live in the Denver area, this Pumpkin Fest is worth the trip!!! It's free to get in--you only pay two dollars to ride the train, a dollar to jump on the bouncy castles and for your pumpkins if you want some.  There are hay mazes, beanbag toss games, sandboxes filled with dried corn and Tonka trucks, a hayride and much more.  It's tons of fun and you still have time! f


  1. You are a photographer in your own right. Now I wish I could find a camera to make me look that good.

  2. I read your post, fantastic,amazing.The pictures are very cute.