Wednesday, October 13, 2010

around the house sightings

Whew! We had a big weekend.  But yesterday was rainy and gloomy (my favorite) and the kids and I stayed home all day, it was nice.  I managed to finish Layla's costume a few days ago.  I need to find some good instructions for ears, though. (Blurry picture, sorry)
The same lady at church that gave me several boxes of fabric, also gave me a little stack of patterns.  One of them was a little girl's dress pattern from the early '90's, which was perfect for a Minnie dress, with the puff sleeves and rounded collar and all.  Turned out pretty cute :) And cost less than $7. The Minnie costume at the Disney Store is $50. Ridiculous.

I also have bits and pieces of Natalie's costume done:
I still have the tulle skirt and the wings to make, but I'll show it all here when it's done.  It's pretty cute so far.  I found that great flower print on super-clearance! And a different lady from church passed those '70's floral trims on to me several years ago. Perfect :)

I also wanted to show you another little corner of our house.  Since the living room is a slow process (We need a rug, throw pillows, curtains, etc...) I went ahead and snapped a picture of this little piece of it.
 We got that window at The Salvage Lady in Denver.  Awesome place.  Can't you just picture loads of Christmas cards tucked into all the corners??

That apple garland is the one I made last Fall, out of this book. Here's a closer picture.  It's one of my favorite things. (P.S. When I looked up that book on Amazon just now, it looks like it's now a bargain book and super cheap! Probably out of print, just FYI :)

And last, but not least, this picture of Kelby watching "Woody" is too cute not to share.  Yes, we do have a big TV, but he likes to be wherever I am and since I was in the living room doing some reading, I put it in the computer for him.

For some reason, my pictures are looking kinda pixelated after I put them onto Blogger from Flickr.  What's up???? They don't look like that originally and they don't look like that on Flickr.  Hmmmmm. One more point for possibly switching to Wordpress.


  1. the frock looking beautiful,i like dots.the color combination is good.

  2. The pic of Kelby and the computer is priceless. It should be a computer ad (it looks like you have a MAC). Something like, "Never too young to learn" with educational apps of some sort listed. If that's a PC, you could always sell the pic to Apple for them to say, "With our super fast network, you won't have to sit around with your thumb in your mouth waiting for your app to load." I'm forever enjoying your pics and creativity!!