Thursday, October 7, 2010

help, please

Okay, I received the fabric I ordered in the mail, but I'm still undecided about which fabric to use for big, quilted pillows on my new sofa.  Here's the new option:
I ordered the yellow one because I already had the green one, so I would use both somehow--maybe two square pillows out of the yellow and a bolster or something out of the green. Plus, I have some great pink vintage ball fringe from a yard sale a few years ago that would be perfect.

But, here is the vintage option:
In either case, the curtains are probably going to go.  I didn't buy quite enough fabric so they don't even close on the huge window and since it was only a dollar a yard, I won't be losing out on much money.  I'm thinking about finding a big black and white print for the drapes, what to you think? And which fabric should I choose??


  1. hmmm, i really like the green fabric! it looks so pretty and is awesome large scale

  2. Definitely the first one. It is more you.

  3. I like the yellow looks so pretty.Thanks for the beautiful post.