Monday, October 4, 2010

One small project at a time

I finally get to show you the other side of our kitchen! I don't have a great before picture of this wall, but here's part of what it looked like before:

The owners left this banquette table for us.  They didn't want to move it and we thought it went well in the space.  After using it for a few months, I decided it could go.  This thing may be cute, but it's impossible to keep clean!!!! And having three little kids eat almost all their meals on it was putting me on the brink of crazy ;)  So, we replaced it last weekend.  Now we have this:

MUCH better! Casey hung that shelf for me on Saturday and so that, along with the space under the new kitchen island, make for a bit more storage for me.  I'm happy! 

I am also really excited about little beauty of a vintage sofa I scored on Craigslist for TEN DOLLARS!!!!! I could not believe my luck.  It needs a little TLC, but I already took off the fringe that was around the bottom and steam cleaned it.  The cushion is filled with down! I know, because I pulled a feather out of it, haha.
I'm considering repainting the wood (it's been painted before), to repair the one part that's messed up on the right.
I also ordered some fabric for pillows.  This one:
But then, yesterday an older lady at church blessed me with a big box of fabric and there is a vintage cotton print in there that may look even better! Maybe I'll ask all of your opinions when the other one comes in the mail :)  


  1. well done! like both pieces A LOT :)
    do tell about Rosemarie's fabric!

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