Friday, October 15, 2010


There was a doggie roaming our street for a few days.  I kept trying to get him to come in, but he ran away whenever I approached him!  We even left food and water and a trail of Cheerios leading up to our front door, which he ate, but still wouldn't let me near him.  It did not take long for us to get attached to him! The girls and I named him Cheerio :)  Finally, after two nights, I called animal services to come and get him (because I couldn't bear the thought of him outside and cold for another night) and they must have because I haven't seen him since about 4 yesterday.  Still, I was sad. I may have teared up because I couldn't win him over and make him ours :)  So, we went to the mall. Ha! I must have been feeling sentimental, because I bought this guy for Kelby at the Disney Store:
The Donald on the right is mine, which my dad bought me at Disney Land when I was two (the same age that Kelby is now!)  I seem to remember losing the first Donald and wailing with sadness until my dad actually went back into the park to buy me another one.  What a guy :) This was my very favorite stuffed animal, I slept with him every night until I was a teenager and I even made him that friendship bracelet.  Anyway, Kelby picked this Donald all by himself--glommed on and wouldn't let go :)

Feeling a little better after the mall, I got to work finishing up Natalie's fairy dress! I haven't made the wings yet because I need to get the fabric and the wire, but the dress is finished and she LOVES it.  She positively floats around while wearing it :)
 So, two costumes down, three to go--although if I don't have time to make Casey's or mine, it's not the end of the world, right?

So, back to Cheerio--I was told by the lady on the phone that they don't have the resources to call me if the dog isn't claimed, but that I can call and inquire.  I would love to take this dog in, but he's a total scaredy-cat. Does anyone have experience with these kinds of dogs? If we get him, will he just run away at the first opportunity??


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