Tuesday, November 10, 2009

tiny yarn animals

I've been enjoying some crochet in my downtime this week. After the kiddos go to bed, if there's no laundry to fold and I'm too pooped to sew, it's nice to have something to keep my hands busy while watching those stars dance :) I finished this little owl yesterday. All the kids really seem to like him.

Here's the book where he came from. It is reallllly cute, all of it. I picked it up at Barnes & Noble on a whim because it reminded me of some button animals my sister and i had as kids. I was going to make several animals and turn them into little ornaments to attach to Christmas gifts for nieces and nephews. However, they are not quite as "tiny" as I expected. Maybe I'll still attach them, just not as ornaments. hmmmm.

Here are some more pages from the book. That octopus is to die for.

The yarn I've been falling in love with is Vanna's Choice. Acrylic yarn comes so much softer now than it used to, but I love the muted colors of this brand, I think they're all beautiful together. It just so happens to be one the least expensive too!


  1. such a cute little guy!!!! fun book to have. i have seen it in the stores but i think i might need better crochet skills for something like that.

  2. Oh my goodness Nikki...I do not know how in the world you get all the crafting done that you do! Even if I wasn't homeschooling, I think I would be a much slower crafter :-)

  3. Cute owl! You do have a special place in your heart for owls, huh? Love the colors of the yarn, too! I started a cute little animal, but don't like the yarn I'm using, so I might start over and try your suggestion.