Wednesday, November 11, 2009

we're ready

First things first, HAPPY VETERANS DAY!!!! to my husband and all the other brave ones out there that have served, thank you so much!!!

Kelby's stocking is done! I love it, the train idea won out over the ornament idea, although Casey didn't think a train was very Christmas-y? I proved him wrong, I think :)

And now we have a complete set! Good thing I had plenty of left-overs. I even had the forethought to cut an extra lining because I knew we may have another kiddo and I was right! I really like the birds (which is mine) but I think the train is my new favorite. I originally saw stockings like these in a Pier 1 catalog about 5 years ago. I copied the trees and birds from the catalog and was one my own for the other three. I made them out of wool felt so they'll last awhile, which is good, cause it'll be awhile before I get tired of these!


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  2. Love your stockings! The train was a great choice.

  3. They are so cute! My grandson is now 2 and I am making him one and his momma one to hang with the rest of ours. I'm on an owk kick so his will probably be that and hers...not sure yet. Your are inspiring and I needed a reminder, lol :o) Amie in Nashville