Monday, November 23, 2009


I got to go Archiver's with my friends Angela and Jessica over the weekend. It's what I had asked for for my birthday, but it didn't work out until this weekend. An hour into it, I was having sooo much fun and suddenly realized that no one had asked me for anything in a whole hour :) Blissful! Here's a great quote I found recently that made me think of taking photos and archiving them for future generations:

“I saw behind me those who had gone, and before me those who are to come. I looked back and saw my father, and his father, and all our fathers, and in front to see my son, and his son, and the sons upon sons beyond.
And their eyes were my eyes.
~Richard Llewellyn

Obviously, I'm a little behind. These girls are so much bigger now. I don't have any of Kelby to show because I haven't even gotten pictures printed since he was tiny. Eek!!

And here's some new boy paper that I couldn't resist. Boy stuff is steppin' up in cuteness, I tell ya! Or maybe it all seems so cute to me after having two girls :) I'm off to upload pics to get printed!!!

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