Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Another Hat for Another Kid

As promised, here is a picture of the finished hat I knitted for our coming baby boy. Although I have knitted several things successfully now, I have not really considered myself *a knitter*. Can one just have too many hobbies? Should I enjoy so many different crafts? Well, I must admit, I did enjoy knitting this hat and am closer to considering myself an actual knitter. I think I like the term *fiber artist*, it seems pretty all-inclusive, don't ya think?? Although, it does leave out the scrap booking, doesn't it. Or is paper fiber too? At any rate, this is called an umbilical cord hat and the pattern can be found in this popular knitting book. (I just can't bring myself to cuss in print.)


  1. The hat is darling! You have inspired me to try knitting once again. Tomorrow is supposed to be my "site" day. I've spent the last two days making a roman shade. Yeah...thought it would take a couple of hours. I'll finish up tomorrow morning then on to the "site"!!!!!!! Can't wait to show you the new scarf I made! Is it Sunday yet?

  2. Toooooo cute! Does the fact that it's on a map fabric mean something prophetic? Another kindred spirit on a scenic route, hmm?

    Natalie's is adorable too. Good job!


  3. Hi Nikki-

    Congrats on your baby boy! How exciting!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving me some quilting humor. I'll need it to get through the big quilt I've stressed myself out with! LOL! Wish me luck!