Thursday, April 3, 2008

What's Up with the Weather?

Before I get to these pictures, I have to say, even as a Coloradan who knows the weather here is unpredictable, this weather is just being weird. I am used to the weather changing drastically from day to day, but recently it seems to be changing from hour to hour. I woke up to rain in the middle of the night, Natalie played outside all morning in the sunshine and now it's SNOWING! God must want to keep us on our toes.

On to our day. I was invited to spend the morning scrap booking with a lovely lady from church, while her daughter and a friend played with the girls. I expected Layla to be super clingy, but she was wonderful and Natalie had a blast and I actually got a whole page done in just a few hours. (That's unusual for me.) This picture is much clearer in real life, but when taking a picture of a finished page, I find I have to choose either the setting that makes the picture clear OR everything else clear. Ah, well.

ALSO, this here is a picture of the heating pad cover I made my friend Jenn as a happy un-birthday gift :) She is the only person I know that uses her heating pad regularly and so when I saw the instructions in Denise Schmidt Quilts, she was the logical person to make it for. She received it in the mail last week and loved it, so I'm happy to have made her happy :)

AND, totally off the subject, I have a potty-training dilemma and maybe some of you can help me out. Natalie is over 3 now and potty-training is just not happening. I am starting to wonder if she may have an issue where she literally can't feel when she needs to go. She NEVER has dry diapers over night and when I do decide not to put a diaper on her, she always seems surprised when she starts to pee-pee everywhere, as if she did not know it was coming. She is SO SMART in every other area, so I can't imagine her truly not understanding the concept. All this leads me to wonder if there is a problem here that she can't help and maybe I should take her to the doctor to find out. Any thoughts, advice or suggestions? Please leave me a comment and help me!!

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  1. I totally hear you on the weather. The forecast for earlier this week said "Rain, Snow, Sleet, and Ice" all for the same day! (Personally, I thought sleet and ice were the same thing......) Guess the weather got tired of being predictable.

    Having a doc check Natalie out would probably help ease your mind and help you figure out what your next step would be. If nothing else, maybe the doc might have some tricks up his/her sleeve that you haven't tried yet.

    Oh..check your email.