Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Yet Another Hat and Seam Ripper Stupidity

Yes, yes, it's another hat. They're just so fun and easy. This one is not for my kiddos, though, it's actually for my new shop, (Hopefully more big news on that tomorrow!) along with several other fabulous things I've been working on.

On to the seam ripper stupidity: The Purl Bee has this post on how to use a seam ripper. Now, I've been sewing for however many years (meaning I've ripped a LOT of seams) and can you believe, I have been using a seam ripper all wrong?!? Well, I was skeptical, but I had been fed up with the cheap dull seam rippers anyway, so I went out while JoAnne had notions half price and I finally bought a cute, purple, pricier, whiz-bang seam ripper! I got to work on this hat the next day and was almost excited to mess up so I could try this method. Of course, I did mess up ;) and let me tell, ya, the good seam ripper and the right way to use it made a HUGE difference. So, read the post and try it out, you won't be disappointed. The best part, is that my edges were completely intact, instead of stretched out and frayed, as they always ended up in the old days. Ah, I just love bloggers, I learn so much!

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