Friday, February 28, 2014

mixy matchy

I really love the Lisette line of fabrics at Joann. I think they're one of the few lines at JoAnn that's designed with clothing in mind, since there is such a wide variety of weights and fabric types, from voiles to bottomweights. Everything I've made from that line has held up really well, I love all the prints, the colors and the feel. They're a dream to sew on and unlike many Joann fabrics, they wash nicely and are on-grain! There is little more annoying to a sewer than getting a wonky cut of fabric, amiright?

So, I love it when I score a Lisette fabric during the clearance sales. I don't really even look for them, my eye is usually drawn to the print and then when it turns out to be Lisette, I say, "of course." Ha!

This cotton voile was one such fabric. I grabbed it knowing it was in my desired color palette and knew right away I wanted to make a basic woven tank from it. There are little turquoise dots inside the white dots, if you look closely.

I like it so much, I might have worn it two days in a row ... but I'll never tell ;)

It's great by itself and will be nice and breezy for Summer. I love cotton voile because it's lightweight, but not so much to require a cami unerneath! 

The best part is that it goes with two things I've made that are unique colors for bottom pieces and that I needed more to go with than a black tee. This might be my fave:
That's my yellow corduroy skirt I made almost two years ago. Still a favorite! 

AND, it goes with my green shorts I made last Summer! Also a Lisette fabric, incidentally:

It goes with several of my cardigans too. Like this great coral one:
I love the fit of this cardi, but it wasn't getting a lot of wear until I started pinpointing my color palette and focusing on a mix and match wardrobe.

One tank, many ways!


  1. So very cute, Nikki! I love it paired with yellow and green - such a great combination. The Lisette prints are, hands down, my favorite line sold at JoAnn's. This fabric is also sitting in my stash and I may have to make a top with it, now that I've seen yours! Lovely work!

  2. You are channeling my thoughts! :)

    I bought some blue striped fabrics and have in my mind a yellow skirt, coral shorts and Kelly green shorts/crops/skirt (unsure yet) as they can pair beautifully together!

    You are making me want to sew all of my summer clothes even though it's 3 degrees today :-D

  3. What is the pattern for the tank? Or did you not use one?

    I once kept a cotton voile dress forever even though I did NOT like the color, because it was so comfortable to wear.

    I would say my favorite outfit is the one with the yellow skirt (I do so love bright colors), but really they are all equally cute. You are such a nice dresser. Ha! Does that make it sound like I just called you a piece of furniture? :o)

  4. So cute! I haven't been to Joann's in a while, and don't remember ever seeing Lisette fabrics. I'll keep my eye out for them.

  5. The color is gorgeous on you! I love all the outfits, can't pick just one. I'll have to purposely look for the Lisette line--I'm sure I just walk right by it in typical LM shopping style