Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Finished Objects and Chick-fil-a

I do not usually keep unfinished projects lying around. I'm a finisher! A few years ago, though, I ambitiously thought I would just love to make this Birdie Stitches block of the month quilt. Silly Nikki. It took me almost a whole year and only the first three blocks to realize that embroidery is just not really my thing. It's too fussy, with the constantly changing colors and threading and rethreading and pulling the strands apart, etc., etc. It sure is beautiful when finished, but I don't enjoy the process.

But, I'd made three blocks already! And one even had the border already! So I stashed them away, thinking I'd maybe make seasonal pillows. A few months ago, though, I had the idea to turn them into little mini quilts for seasonal wall hangings. So I've spent a few minutes here and there for the last few weeks finishing them up. I'm so glad I didn't give up on them and found a way to showcase their cuteness (and my hours of handwork!)

I hung the Valentine one up in the nick of time :)
I still have to handsew the back of the bindings of the other two, but here they are anyway:

 I'm pretty darn happy that I finished these!

Unrelated tidbit: Our town here is getting a new free-standing Chick-fil-a, opening tomorrow. If you're unfamiliar, every time a Chick-fil-a opens, the first however-many customers get free Chick-fil-a for a year. Also, if you're unaware, the storm that has Atlanta looking like a ghost town today is headed up the coast and is expected to hit Virginia pretty hard (granted, it's hard for this Colorado girl to take any "major storm" prediction here seriously, as the past two have been what I would consider very mild, but for which Virginians get out of school for a week). Anywaaaay,  so today I went to Target for groceries, to avoid the nightmare that the commissary becomes when snow is predicted, and observed that there are tons of tents set up in the Chick-fil-a parking lot.

SO, the very people who shut down businesses, get out of school and stay home for days when it snows one inch, have nooo problem camping out overnight in a parking lot during the biggest ice/snow storm of the year when the best chicken in the world is at stake.

Moral of the story: Chick-fil-a rules and everybody knows it :D

Happy Wednesday!


  1. I *heart* Chick-Fil-A and was ecstatic when they opened in MN!!!

    I can just taste a crispy chicken sandwich with fries and oreo milkshake.


    -oh- Sorry. I love your quilt art!!!! :-)

    1. I totally sent my husband an e-vite for a date to Chick-fil-A on Saturday! :-D

  2. I am a part of that ice storm rolling through the Atlanta area, and it's the frozen rain on top of sleet that is the main problem! The main roads are not as bad, but the neighborhoods are terrible. This is my second day home with my kids, but thankfully we have not had any power outages like many others.

    How cool that they are opening a Chick Fil A in your area. I love their food and service. If you can't get out to their location, there are some wonderful copycat recipes online for their chicken sandwich. I used one for my family one night, and now my family always wants me to prepare the chicken that way. It's all in the pickle juice ; )

    I hope you stay warm! Your quilt looks beautiful so far!

  3. The mini quilts are adorable! For sure they were worth finishing!!!

  4. What a stroke of genius to rescue the quilt blocks and turn them into wall hangings! Does it kind of make you want to do some of the other holidays? :o)