Monday, March 10, 2014

One-hour top

Packers come in about a week and a half. If I'm being honest, I'd like to skip over the moving process this time and just suddenly find myself in Hawaii. But, reality is reality and I must make the best of it. I find myself stressed. Not because I have a ton to do, but because I feel like I'm treading water. You know those seasons when you feel like you can't start anything or dive into anything or even really keep up the normal routine so you're just aimlessly passing the days, with a lot to do, but not knowing how to prioritize? Yeah, I'm in one of those. The kids, however, have no such sense of coming change and would prefer to continue making cardboard Barbie houses and building Lego cities as I try to prepare for the move.

But, the sewing must go on. Mostly because I am having no small amount of anxiety over being without my sewing machine for at least two, maybe three months. Boooooo! 

I quickly made this top last week out of a linen blend knit I got at JoAnn's. I used McCall's 6848, which is a pajama pattern, but I've had good luck with the top pattern out of knits. 

 The best part is that it's easy to accessorize and change with cardigans, etc... It's versatile and it's in my preferred color palette, which is the goal lately!
 I used the extra fabric to whip up an infinity scarf! Good idea, if I must say so myself.
That last photo and it's accompanying digital noise prompted me to get out my camera manual and do some online research about why my camera seems to underexpose everything. 

I took my camera and manual to the park and I think I have some things figured out. The park is so boring. Am I the only mom who thinks that?? 

What a cutie. 

So, just as with my last move, photography will once again have to be my hobby of choice. Hooray for portability, amiright? 


  1. Glad that sewing could restore a bit of sanity--like the top and the scarf! Glad Kelby's head has healed with no major dents ;)

  2. That top looks like you could just live in it!

    ...looking forward to beautiful photos ahead! :o)