Monday, February 24, 2014

makes and remakes

I am happy to say, after a brief hiatus, my sewing mojo is back. I have quite a little stash to sew through before my machines get packed up for a few months (!)

I pulled several things out of my closet that needed changed or mended. They were handmade things that I was just not wearing and I wanted to figure out what would make them wearable. This skirt came from that effort:

This was actually the bottom portion of this dress. It only got worn once because those sleeves were just too much. They broadened my shoulders and they required a cami under the dress, which I don't love for an easy Summer dress. I really love the fabric, though, and the shirttail hem and the cute orange buttons. So I cut off that bodice about 5/8" above the drawstring. I serged around the raw edge and turned it under and hemmed it, leaving a cute tiny ruffle at the top. So the skirt now slips on and has a drawstring closure. I love it, I've already worn it three or four times because I have several styles of tops that go with it. Since it's pretty high waisted, it even looks cute with a knotted tee. 
So glad I didn't give up on this! Mission accomplished. 

 Next up, I have some fabrics that my friend Jenn shopped for on my behalf. I was lamenting my lack of fabric store choices here and she offered to go to her awesome store in Reno and we could have a texting/shopping session and I would pay her back. It was super fun! This is one of the knits she found.

This is one of the new Simplicity patterns, 1463. I liked it for the back, I thought it was interesting and I love interesting backs of garments :) The top is a little shorter than I'd like though, so when I put it on with jeans, I just wasn't comfortable. I'd be afraid to lift my arms! I was bummed. But, I tried it on again  a few days later, this time with my New Look 6228 black sweatshirt knit skirt that I never blogged (super soft and comfy and goes with everything, I highly recommend that pattern) and since the skirt is high waisted, the top worked much better! It also works with a denim skirt I have. It might not be my favorite still, I think it maybe broadens me a little in the back. Am I wrong? I am surprised at how much a like the front, though, since I usually really hate dolman sleeves. But these are conservatively dolman, haha. 
 I was lucky to have enough fabric left to whip up my favorite tank (A frankenpattern that I made myself out of wrapping paper). I've already worn it twice in the last week and look, it even goes with my Stitchfix cardigan, surprise, surprise, hehe. (Weird sun flare, sorry).

I have some more to share soon! I made the best pj pants EVER over the weekend, just wait til you see. And I'm working on a black knit dress that I finished and then took completely apart to take the bodice in like five inches. Grrr. If I didn't really want a simple black knit dress in my wardrobe, I might not have bothered. But, I think it will be worth it. 

Annnd, just for grins: 

 Happy Monday!! :)


  1. I love the last outfit of your top, cardigan, and skirt! They look so great together. I'm glad you got your sewing mojo back, and look forward to seeing more of what you have sewn.

  2. Good save on turning the dress into a skirt. I went back and looked at the original and that WAS a whole lot of sleeve going on.

    Is it possible that the only reason the back of the second shirt looks broad-ish is because one side of the "wrap" is pulled down more in the photo? I'm guessing with normal movement it probably sits a little higher, making the split deeper, making the back actually more flattering that it looks here.

    Kelby INSIDE the Lego bin just cracked me up! What better way is there to really enjoy your Legos? :o)