Tuesday, February 18, 2014

My first Stitchfix

Stitchfix is SO FUN! I have been wanting to try this service for quite some time now. I finally made the plunge and scheduled my first fix, just to see if it lived up to what everyone says about it. If you haven't heard of Stitchfix, it's an online service and after you pay a styling fee of $20 (which goes toward your purchase later) and fill out a fun style profile, including a link to your Pinterest style board if you have one, a stylist sends you five items to try on in the comfort of your own home. You keep and pay for what you want and you send back what doesn't work in the prepaid envelope. Easy.

This being my first try, I wasn't expecting it all to work out and I was right. I only kept one thing, but that's all I was really aiming for, so I was happy. I didn't take pics of myself in the clothes like many reviewers do, sorry. Here's the cute little style sheet that was in my box, though:
 I ended up keeping the wine colored cardigan. The rest I sent back-one top I just hated (although Casey LOVED it, lol!!), the pants were awesome, but a bit too low-rise, one silk top was a little big and the other was a big snug. I left plenty of feedback, though, and if the reviews I've read are any indication, each box will get better!

Back to that cardigan, though. This is a color I never would have bought for myself! I don't know why, it's a pretty color on me! I like the 3/4 length sleeves and the fabric is soooo soft. I can tell that it's high quality and won't pill like my other cardigans from other places (ahem, Target and Old Navy).

While I was debating, I walked into my closet just to see what I had that it would go with. Imagine my surprise when I discovered it goes perfectly with a ton of my handmade things!!
These are not all, but I got tired of taking pics, ha! These are all dresses and tops that I've made.
This piece was just what I needed to carry me through these last weeks of winter! I'm not ashamed to say I've worn it four times already and I just got it last Friday. I lack basic pieces and this opened my eyes to what one good quality basic can do for my wardrobe!

Bottom line, this is AWESOME! I don't have very many shopping choices where I live right now. And I'm a bit of a quality snob (as people who make their own clothes and know good fabrics when they see them tend to be ;) I thought it was something I'd just do once, but I immediately scheduled my next fix--for 2 days before the packers come, eek! Time is fleeting.

SO, if you want to give Stitchfix a try and wouldn't mind using this link:
I get credit when you sign up for a fix! Which will make it even more awesome, obviously ;)


  1. Interesting! The visuals helped me to, ah, visualize :) let me guess: Casey loved the dark stripe? Or the gray & yellow? Probably the 2nd

    1. Lol yes, he liked the dark stripe. It was awful and he loved it.

  2. question for you! i just signed up for this (would have used your referral code if i had been able to find it on your blog!) and am curious to see how much on average are the things in your box. i'm excited about it, but a little concerned that i might not be able to afford anything in it. :)

    1. I have my spending preferences set to the lowest amount for everything and usually what they send me is between 30 and 80 dollars. I tend to buy just one thing and I have had some credit to spend too. I think you'll like it! I always get something I love but would never have picked off the rack!