Thursday, July 25, 2013


Well, as time before our move winds down, our school year is winding up! I've spent this week planning our next few weeks of school before we have to pack it up and move across the country a bit over a month from now. I've had a few people tell me I'm crazy for trying to school through a move, but Summer, after July, finds my kiddos a little lazy--too much TV is being watched, not enough chores are being done and we all are starting to itch for a little routine. So we're jumping in.

I have started to wind down my Summer sewing also. I have two more pieces I'd like to sew up before packing up. I cut one out yesterday, maybe I'll get it done by this weekend. I managed a breezy rayon dress last week. I wore it to church Sunday and really liked it:

 This picture is not great. I need to teach Natalie to focus on the person, not on the brick wall ;)
 It's McCall's 6678. I liked the modified shirt dress look with a drawstring waist. And I love a shirttail hem.

I used peachy orange buttons, which I think are perfect!! I made a couple changes. I shortened the hem by two inches in front and one inch in the sides and back. It was a frumpy length before and I like things to hit above my knee, not below. Also, the sleeves were a little ridiculous.  They are large and they stuck straight out. I tried it on and just manipulated a pleat into each sleeve and then took it off and attached the pleats with buttons. After those changes, I'm pretty happy with it, but in the future will stick to my new favorite modified shirt dress pattern, Vogue 8810, which does not require a cami underneath like this one does because of the massive arm holes. 

I'm pretty excited about our school year, as broken up as it's going to be with two moves in the next 8 months. I'd love to come back in the next few days and show you which materials I'll be using! This will be our best year yet :)


  1. Working with a young photographer can produce interesting photos for sure. :o) I have learned what I look like to my almost 7 year old, by looking at his pictures of me...Tall. :o) Today he was supposed to be taking a picture of the baby and me at the park...he focused on the ducks! He DID get some good ones that I can post on the blog, so I'm considering the ducks a bonus. :o)

    Your shirt hem looks super great. I think I like a shirt hem more than a high-low hem. Seems more timeless maybe. Not that I don't own and love wearing a couple high-lows. :o)

    I like your solution to the huge sleeves. I am currently fixing a gaping neck on my just finished top...gathers seem to work for that problem, but a pinch and button would look cute to. Hmmm, I do have a jar of vintage orange buttons my M-I-L gave me for my birthday. :o)

  2. That print and color look very pretty on you! The peachy buttons were perfect