Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Twig art heart

Well, I said we were going to make this yesterday and by golly, we did :)

I was feeling rough yesterday. A bit overwhelmed with another move coming up, maybe, I dunno. People were coming over to assess our household goods for the moving company. You know how it is when someone's coming over to visit every single room in your house? Lots of those moments with a military move.


We grabbed a bin and went out back to pick some twigs for our heart. Then we got busy painting them. I just pulled out all the craft paints we have. Many of them were low and since we cannot move with liquids, it was an awesome way to use them up! We mixed more colors and it was just really fun and relaxing all the way around.

I tell ya what, having art shirts and newspapers in my art hutch at all times makes projects like this so much more likely to happen!

 I used 24 gauge wire and just rigged it the best I could. Then I put a dob of hot glue on the back of each spot where I'd wrapped the wire around each twig, just to make sure it holds and doesn't get shifty. I love it! The kids are proud of it too :)


  1. It looks great on your front door! I'm planning on making one (or two) with my boys tomorrow. :o)


  2. Cute! Thanks for the idea - I may try this in the next few days :)

  3. We did it! Twice! :o) Opie made a colorful one with me for my door and I made a Gold and White one for a 50th Anniversary party I was decorating for. Thanks so much for the inspiration.

    If you're still looking for things to do with your kids Sarah at Frugal Fun For Boys just posted this 3 Ingredient Snow Dough. We haven't tried it yet, but I'm putting extra corn starch on my grocery list. :o)