Monday, January 20, 2014


Summer is coming. Summer is coming. Summer is coming. 


Sheesh, what the heck is it about Winter that just gets to me? Every year!? I seriously try not to complain about the cold and purposefully do things that boost my spirits, but I always find myself just longing for warmer days, when we can get outside more during the week and take care of flowers and have water playdates with friends.

On Saturady I was going through some 2013 photos, flagging the ones I want to get printed. I was in May and June. I seriously cried over those photos, you guys! I just miss our house in Aurora, I miss our backyard, I miss our friends, I miss our life there. Not that I don't enjoy life here, now, (I do, in so many ways!) but, ya know. I need to snap out of it. After I cried, I got off my rear and exercised. It helped, as always.

We are stuck in the house a lot lately. There's not a lot to do around here as it is, much less when it's too cold to be outside. (I tell ya, humidity really adds a bite to cold weather!) So we've been in the house a lot. But, there are plenty of things in the house that make me smile :) So I did what I always do when I feel down and took some pics of the happy things.

 As you can see, our record collection continues to grow. It's still soooo much fun.

 This being only a six-month stay, we didn't both unpacking many decor items. These few are some of my favorites, though and they sure do make me smile. Our friend Cynthia made the twig art for us for Christmas! Isn't it great!?

Below is my bday card from my parents from Mongolia. I love it, it's so happy. They send the coolest cards! Oh, and my Jane Austen collection (with a few other chick lit classics).

 I'm still making fun bath bombs. I've been experimenting with different essential oil blends. The orange almond smells sooooo good and the Eucalyptus mint is great when you need to breath easier! The yellow ones are lemon lavender, my personal favorite. I make them in fun kid shapes for my kiddos, they think they're the coolest things. I use this recipe. Because they have coconut oil in them, they moisturize too, I don't even have to lotion up after a bath!

I saw this on Pinterest the other day. More twig art! The kids and I are going to make this. I think we'll get started today :) Source here.

Okay, what makes you happy in the winter?? How do you make it through with patience and contentment? I need help!


  1. Mate I'll swap ya, 40 degrees over here in Oz! :)

  2. I bake more in the winter. Even the baby loves helping dump ingredients in the bowl. :o) We've made playdoh before and I just saw some Black and Yellow Glitter playdoh (inspired by Batman) on Pinterest. I think we might make that soon.

  3. Sounds silly but I've been listening to Christmas music lately! ;)