Thursday, January 16, 2014

More Project Life (knock-off)

I've been a busy bee! I organized all my scrapbook stuff and got busy last week. I really want to finish 2012 before we move from here at the very end of March and seeing as I've blown through almost three months of photos over the last week, I think it can be done. Ideally, I'd like to work only one year behind. I like to order the entire year's worth of photos in January. So I'm about to order all of 2013 and get started on scrapbooking them once we get settled at our next duty station.

Here's what I've done in the last week! (Taking pictures of pictures never gives you the best quality, but it'll do.

I love that I can insert a smaller photo page in wherever I want, like I did below! This system is so versatile and keeps the photos the main event. I love it. 
Here's the other side of that smaller page:

I've done half the year! Hooray for progress! Honestly, I considered just going with a Shutterfly photo book for 2013. But, I just have so much fun doing this. I really enjoy the process and the kids really love looking at it. Sometimes Natalie sits and makes pages for her book with me too, which is always sweet. I pass along the photos I don't use to her. I hope my girls and I have many years of scrapbooking together ahead of us! 


  1. How cute! What a blessed family! You will have wonderful scrapbooks to look at for years to come!

  2. Last time I looked for pages like these I couldn't find them. Did you get them at Michael's?

  3. I too had debated the shutterfly route just to get them out of the computer and in our hands - but my sister sat and did one for all of 2011 and showed it to us at Thanksgiving... there was no journaling. I looked through it and wondered "who are all these people?" (Her husbands cousins friends etc...) and I thought - Years down the road, won't others want to have that info too? That solidified to me that I want to be able to jot down more of the story, and not *just* the photos. I've just got Dec 2013 printed so far - and plan to work one month back and one month forward at the same time (So start of Feb, I'll print Jan 2014 and Nov 2013...) That's the ideal, we'll see how it works!

    I also stopped at Walmart and picked up a packs of colorbok's "beach house" double sided paper... SO my style, and not froo froo frilly that a lot of the PL core kits seem to be....... I'm going to make my own cards and just use that for all of 2014..... (and hope I don't get bored with it all being from the same line!)