Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Doll fashion show

It's January 1st!! I love January 1st. There's nothing looming, it's a time to reflect and look forward and make goals and clean house (literally and figuratively). I really like reading New Year's blog posts because I like to read about what others' goals are. I have a few simple things I'd like to implement in the new year, but nothing too fancy. I'll share my thoughts in the next couple days.

For now, I have some doll clothes to show you! Doll clothes rank up there with costumes among my favorite things to sew, I love it. I stuffed my girls' stockings with handmade doll clothes and some accessories from Target (did you know that the doll shoes at Target are only $2? The accessory sets are $4. Target had a buy one, get one half off sale and I grabbed some. Good deal!

I am not going to list pattern numbers with these, they can all be found on the big 4 pattern websites, but feel free to ask in the comments, if you're curious about one in particular.

 These leg warmers are killin' me! So cute.

 Ack, that oven mitt! Adorable! (The little party set is from the American Girl isle at Michael's).

 These shoes match some that Natalie also has. I couldn't resist ;)

I couldn't leave Kelby out!!
His bear got an army shirt out of Casey's old ACU's. There is a line of patterns called Bearwear. It's the absolute only place I have found patterns to fit build-a-bear dolls! They're pdf's, which is convenient. I can't say I'd give them a stellar review, but they'll do. This shirt pattern was just not very well-drafted in the facing area. And the pajama set I made awhile back, which Kelby loves, runs pretty large. But still, it's what's out there and I'm thankful to have found something!

After our fashion shoot this morning, my girls dug into my giveaway fabric stash and started hand sewing little purses and accessories for their dolls. Aw :)  


  1. TOO cute! Natalie T& Layla are 4th generation doll clothes creators--no 5th! My Grandma Rose hand stitched & smocked gingham dresses for mine! Farther back than that is undocumented ;)

  2. Adorable doll clothes!!! Have a Happy and blest New Year!

  3. I wish I had photographed the hoodie and skirt I sewed up for my niece's AG doll for Christmas. No patterns, but they came out as I envisioned. :o)