Wednesday, January 15, 2014

catching up!

I am super behind in show and tell!! I have made several things over the past few months. I managed to photograph three of them today. The rest will probably have to remain unblogged--a couple of them I just don't love and another is too basic to be very interesting, ha!

I opened allll the little mini blinds in my house to get a bit of natural light in here. Having no fences and sharing a backyard with many other homes makes setting up the tripod outside just a little awkward. I know I shouldn't care. And sometimes I don't, but ya know...

Anyway, first up, I made this dress in recent weeks and absolutely love it.
 This is Butterick 5784. It has a cute tie/knot detail on the left shoulder, that you can sorta see in these pics. I am very proud of this one because conquering a style like this is a major accomplishment for me! In sheath dresses, I have always had too much fabric in the back, which I now know is because I require a swayback adjustment in eeeverything! I added a center back seam to this and made the right adjustments and it worked. It's so comfortable and pretty, I can see it being a go-to dress for Army functions when we move to Hawaii. The fabric is from JoAnn's when they had all the simply silkies on sale for %70 off! I fell in love with the color.
Next up, a dress I love equally as much!
 this is McCall's 6890, one of the brand new line. I've had this pretty piece of lace around for a long time. It used to be a much bigger piece, but I have made TWO failed things out of it!! It was a bummer because non-scratchy lace like this is hard to find! This dress is really simple to make and I think the fit is perfect for me. My hem in the front looks a little wonky, but I'm gonna say it's the high-lo trend and call it good ;) Since it's still winter, last week I wore this out with a jean jacket, black leggings and boots and a pretty purple scarf Casey gave me for Christmas. It look great belted too! Definitely a pattern I'll be making again.
Third, I whipped up this top a couple months ago, but just recently I liked it enough to actually wear and I've worn in a few times since.
I only had about a yard of this rayon fabric, which dictated my pattern choice. I used Simplicity 1693 because View C doesn't require much fabric. I really love this print so much! Next time, I'll add a bit of length so as not to require and undershirt. The neckline and arm holes are perfect, though.

That's all for now! I've been trying to get out of a dull color rut that I seem to be in. It's winter. I get the blahs every January until Spring and I think wearing lighter colors that look pretty on me instead of my go-to gray t-shirt goes a long way in boosting my mood. Once I realized how much I gravitate toward gray and how much it does not look great on me, I started forbidding myself to buy it :)

C'mon Summer!!


  1. The first dress is my favorite due to the print of the fabric. The second dress is sooooo pretty with the lace insert.

    Too bad the length was off on that top, any chance a band of something to lengthen it would look good? A flat lace maybe? The undershirt definitely works, but I tend to skip over my shirts that require an undershirt.

    1. Lace is a good idea! I don't love wearing undershirts either, especially under rayons, which are so breezy to wear!

  2. All three are so pretty! What a fantastic trio of makes, Nikki!

    Also, McCall's 6890 is one of those patterns that I overlooked, because of their horrid styling. Your version is so modern and chic, but the photographed McCall's version looked so matronly to me that I didn't even check out the line drawing. Who knew it had such adorable options? I'll definitely be picking it up now, thanks to you!

  3. Gorgeous items.

    I cannot believe that is M6890. I didn't even bother looking at that more than a hot second because I mean...seriously?

    I love that top too. The fabric is gorgeous.

  4. Those dresses are superb!!!! I like the top too, but those dresses!!!! You look wonderful, and you are so blessed to be going to Hawaii!! I hope you take a lot of pictures, and post them on your blog when you move. One husband and I will get out there to vacation!

    1. Oh, I know, we are still shocked, it feels too good to be true, ha!

  5. Those dresses look awesome on you and the top is cute!

  6. Beautiful outfits! :) Nothing like cheery colours and prints to chase away the winter *blah's*!:) Hawaii...that's amazing!!! I don't think you'll be having the winter blues there ;) haha!

  7. wow, the top is really flattering--the style is a keeper :)