Monday, January 27, 2014

checking in

As with much of the country, we got some snow here last week. I'm not gonna say I was thrilled about it, but I will say I'm super glad I kept the bin of snow gear, just in case! The kids played in it for most of two days and I was delighted to see them delighted.

 School was cancelled for the entire week, not that that matters for homeschoolers, other than that the neighborhood friends were more available than usual :) We were told that the southern states freak out about snow, but this was almost laughable. The entire post shut down, including the commissary and everyone was sent home ... hours before it ever started snowing. LOL! Coming from a place where school is not cancelled for anything less than white-out conditions and 18 inches, we thought it was funny.
 We ventured out to the mall on Thursday and my fave flavor of candle was on clearance for $5! Score. Then we came home and I lit it and cleaned the house. I couldn't handle the mess anymore, haha.

Aw :)

My kids have passed a cold around the past few days. I'm not saying I'm glad they're sick, but it sure has been quiet around here. The girls have both rallied and are playing and Kelby is doing better today after going back to bed and taking an 8 a.m. nap. It's such a nice day out today, I'm hoping everyone will feel up to a walk later!

Randomly placed, I know, but here is a song I've been enjoying a lot lately. I'm not usually a Hillsong lover, but we sang this in church and then I bought it on iTunes. It's been speaking to me. A prayer and praise in all seasons of life.

Also random, I am super envious of anyone who has a Wegman's grocery store. I was in one a few hours north of here and it was awesome. I took a phone pic of the produce section, it was just so pretty, ha! I almost wish I'd never seen it. You know that commercial about food deserts? That commercial used to get an inward eye roll from me. Then I moved here and I kinda get it. Excuse me while I go order some coconut aminos on Amazon.


  1. Haha, yeah where I live in Texas we might get an inch of snow once a year, maybe! My theory is that schools and businesses close because the adults want to stay in and enjoy it as much as the kids. :o)

  2. It's refreshing to see kids having fun in the snow! Thank you for linking to Desert Song...I needed that tonight.

  3. Yep, Wegmans = Awesome. It's so awesome though that everyone goes there! I have to do my shopping at ~7am on Sundays to avoid the crowds - any other time is a MAD house - especially when students are here being that there's 2 huge colleges in town - Cornell and Ithaca College.